What Our Clients Say

“Working with Brace Enterprises was absolutely a good experience for me. I am happy to say that… not only were they very professional, attentive to details and cordial when responding to my concerns, but they were key to getting the renovation done right and ultimately increasing the value of my property.

This was a very complex project, but even with all the complications – apartment in very bad shape, interior and exterior work involved, and a building where the approval process was long and intricate – Brace did a great job at every step along the way. Their knowledge, suggestions, and industry resources made it possible for us to navigate through the intricacies of the process and get the work done.

The best of it all is that I ended up increasing the equity value of my property significantly. And I turned a “lemon” into the home of my dreams!”

– Vivianna Guzman, Upper East Side apartment owner


“When Brace Enterprises first came to my apartment, I was stressed out about a renovation I wanted to undertake in a very limited time frame – I have owned my apartment for a good number of years and it was the right time to renovate. However, I had found at the last minute that my building would require permits from the New York Department of Buildings to get the work done… and time was running out. Brace understood the situation and was very resourceful and got things resolved quickly.

Also, I am an artist and very particular about finishes and design, and I had very specific objectives for what I hoped to accomplish with the renovation. My initial concern was they would rush through the work and possibly miss some of the details. I was very pleased to find out that they managed to get the work done as planned and were very detail oriented about the work and the specifics of my design.

The work went smoothly and the results were great… a beautiful renovation!!”

– Robin Goodstein, Upper West Side apartment owner


“I have worked with Brace Enterprises on two residential renovations on Central Park West. They have been very professional and have excellent craftsmanship. Something particularly essential for me as an architect is that Brace’s people understand the importance of following building codes and architectural drawings, and they know how to manage projects well.

They follow building guidelines, which avoids unnecessary issues and possible delays with clients and building management. They are attentive to cleanliness, noise level requirements and being respectful to neighbors and building personnel.

In the renovations we worked on together, we scheduled weekly meetings which were extremely helpful in providing a level of transparency that went a long way towards identifying and resolving potential problems early on. Also, meeting regularly always prevents delays associated with procurements of materials and keeps projects moving at the right pace.

I am very happy to recommend Brace Enterprises to my clients.”

– Raffael Juth, Architect


“I worked with Brace Enterprises on the renovation of a classic six apartment in a prewar building in on the Upper West Side and have only good things to say about them and their work. I was very happy with Brace’s craftsmanship and how they managed the project from day one to conclusion – within a timely manner, clean work, responsive crew and excellent handling of logistics – and so were my clients.

The work had its challenges because the apartment was 100 years old and required some meticulous work – including the restoration of some old moldings and French doors that the owners did not want to replace.

Also I like to pay a lot of attention to details and I am not shy about introducing interesting color contrasts in my designs, which adds challenge to the work. I have no reservations about recommending Brace, I am very happy about how they execute their work, their attention to detail and how professional they are.”

– Babs Reiff, Babs Reiff Interiors


“Working with Brace Enterprises has been a real pleasure. Three important reasons stand in my mind. They are very precise in their estimating and pricing, they set high standards for themselves and expect the same of those who work with them, and they run their projects very efficiently. As an interior designer it makes my work easier when a project is well managed, clients are happy and well informed and know that promises made will be kept.

I am happy that we chose Brace from among the three contractors we were considering for our three bedroom renovation in the Upper East Side. Brace has done an excellent job, in a timely manner, and were very up front with projected costs. I look forward to working with them again.”

– Marcia Butler, Marcia Butler Interior Design Inc.


“A contractor who shows up when he says he will, does what he says he will, and is able to meet the requirements of a strict building management team – unheard of..! But we got that and more from Brace. We have had a great experience and would recommend them without hesitation.”

– Lynn Finkel and Peter Scola, Upper East Side apartment owners