Stop Being Frustrated About The Look And Functionality Of Your Home!

You Can Have The Home Of Your Dreams

Get excited about the possibility of living in your dream home. Renovate your New York City home and increase the value of your investment as well. We call it “Redefining Home Renovation”. The quality of your home life will never be the same again.

Most of us have a vision of the home we ideally want. We know the design amenities we prefer to be surrounded with. We can picture our perfect home environment. What often happens as we move toward bringing that vision into being is that reality sets in and we see all sorts of obstacles. Suddenly, our dream recedes and it appears as if our options are very limited. Fears and concerns arise. As a result, we postpone the idea of renovating our home and perhaps even give up on the idea altogether.

Many homeowners in New York City feel trapped and limited about home design options. There are so many regulations and building restrictions that it seems like a daunting project. Renovation is one of those things that most of us don’t do frequently in life. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed considering such a project. It is very possible that you can identify with some of the following challenges.

Property Owners In New York City Are Plagued By…

…Three Very Persistent Concerns

  1. Properties available in the location they choose must be renovated, and the owner doesn’t know how to proceed. The property doesn’t have the look and functionality they want in a home but the owner doesn’t know how to get started. They have more questions than they have answers. Will I require construction permits? Should I hire an architect, an interior designer or a renovations company? How do I handle everything without living in a long-term mess? Even if I resolve those problems, I’m not a designer or construction expert and I’m concerned I may miss something important by the time the work is finished.
  2. Owners want to be certain that they enhance the value of the property with their renovation. Properties in New York City are expensive and represent a valuable asset to owners. Before embarking on a renovation project, property owners want to know they are making choices that increase the value. They want to get the home they really desire, and also invest wisely in their property. They expect to take the key steps that transform the look and design of the property without wasting money along the way. They want to fully understand the costs and risks involved before starting. They’re asking, “Will I recover what I spend on a renovation?”
  3. People are disturbed by scary renovation stories, or have experienced “renovation nightmares” themselves. They’re asking how to avoid a renovation plagued with problems that require more time than they have available. They want to ensure that the project is not time-consuming, drags on for many months and goes over budget. There is considerable fear about getting ripped off in the process. They have trepidation about ending up in a home they don’t like and possibly having to redo the work.

If You Want To Renovate Your New York City Property…

…Here’s What You Want To Experience

  1. You want to know exactly what to do to have your dream home, and you want to understand the process. You expect a renovation executed professionally, with good quality workmanship and materials, and within the allocated time and budget. You expect a support team that addresses all your concerns and listens to your design ideas. It makes all the difference to work with a group of professionals that respects your limited time and can help you include those amenities that are important to you without being wasteful. You have everything that matters most to you without wasting your money and time. You don’t go through all kinds of aggravating mistakes and “trials and errors”. From the moment you start your renovation, you know how long the project will take and how much it will cost.
  2. Your home renovation includes the design features and amenities you want—and increases your home value. You expect a design and renovation that increases the equity value of your property over and above what you spend on the renovation. You want the advice of a professional who fully appreciates how design features impact the value of your property.
  3. Your home renovation is a dream—not a scary nightmare. You have peace of mind because your renovation professional makes sure everything complies with the necessary construction codes and coop or condo rules. Your renovator is licensed and fully insured with years of experience managing renovations. You sleep well because there is no wasted money or time. You feel confident that your property renovation is in safe and professional hands. You’ve seen the extensive testimonials and excellent references about previous work the renovations company has done.

“Redefining Home Renovation” Is The Renovation Plan You’ve Been Looking For

We Give You These Dream Renovation Experiences

You can have a renovation project that delivers these outcomes. However, they require design and renovation practices that many designers and contractors either ignore or don’t clearly understand. Brace LLC and the “Redefining Home Renovation” plan can make sure that you have a positive renovation experience.

“Redefining Home Renovation” saves you time and money by getting things done right the first time. This plan has been developed for New York City homeowners who want a professionally designed and executed renovation. Instead of wasting time and money in experimentations or inferior work, you can have an efficient project that stays within budget.

We Have A Unique Approach to A Renovation Project

You know exactly what is going to happen—before your property is ever touched. That’s our unique approach. We understand your design and renovation needs, identify any obstacles in your way (permits and requirements), and present you with a renovation plan that fits your design objectives and unique situation—before your property is ever touched. Here’s a summary of our unique approach.

  1. We start by first understanding your design and renovations needs. We meet with you to understand in detail your home requirements, the design aspects that are important to you, and to answer any questions and concerns you may have. With your active participation, we develop a home renovation design and list of materials and fixtures to carefully incorporate all the design amenities and requirements.
  2. Then, we identify any obstacles in your way (permits, building requirements), and deal with them for you. We clarify any permits and building alterations agreements required by the City and/or the building. We compile all the necessary documentation and architectural blueprints and specifications. Then, we secure the necessary renovation permits and approvals.
  3. After that, we use our construction estimating tools to give you predictable financial estimates and timeline. We develop a renovation budget and timeline that fits your particular needs and eliminates any surprise factors—before work commences.
  4. We make sure that you understand the property value enhancements of each design decision. As we develop the new design concepts, we pay careful attention to those aspects of the renovation that have a material influence on the value of your property.
  5. Once we know all that, we present you with a renovation plan that fits your design objectives and unique situation. You are actively involved in this part of the process, guiding us with your choices and decisions. Once you are fully satisfied with the renovation plan we have presented, we agree on a start date.
  6. All this happens before your property ever gets touched! We then proceed to professionally execute the renovation to conform to the agreed quality of finish, level of details, choice of materials and fixtures, budget and timeline.

We make your dream home renovation a reality. You get a professionally executed renovation with all the design amenities you ever hoped for. Your renovation experience is memorable for professionalism and efficiency.

These Are The Benefits You Can Expect From The “Redefining Home Renovation” Plan

  1. Your renovation is a good investment. We help you accomplish the renovation design you want to realize, while offering you the expertise to significantly increase the equity value of your property.
  2. We can provide highly recommended professional resources for you. You have the flexibility of working with our architect or interior designer. If you prefer, we coordinate our work with the architect and/or interior designer of your choice.
  3. Economic and aesthetic shockers are entirely eliminated. You visualize the finished product before we begin. You know the costs associated with it. The time required is explicitly agreed before the renovation crew invades your living space.
  4. We handle all the problems, allowing you to sleep at night. Not only are we a New York Certified home renovations company, but we are fully insured. Also very important, we follow blueprints and all our work complies with the New York City building code.
  5. Before you start, you can feel confident what your renovation experience will be. We have the credentials, testimonials and references that provide you total peace of mind. You know that your renovation is in excellent and professional hands. Our team does exactly what they say they will do. You can count on the renovation process and finished product being exactly as planned and to your satisfaction.
  6. We work to your environmental specifications. We can design and execute your renovation with your desired degree of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. Our team of experts can help you choose between materials that are better for your health and for the environment. You can have a LEED-certified renovation and a low energy consumption home environment.

Here’s How The Plan Works…

…It Has Three Distinct Stages

What’s in the “Redefining Home Renovation” plan? There are three stages, which go from establishing your design criteria and renovation needs, through the renovation planning and execution to making your dream home a reality.

Stage 1. Design Concept and Commitment. First, we have a brief meeting to establish renovation and design visualization and permit requirements. Together, we explore your property needs as well as your design expectations. From there we start to develop a preliminary design and renovation concept. Then, we meet again with you to present our work, and go over everything required by the building and local permit process. Then, we discuss the next steps.

Stage 2. Blueprint and Planning. In the second stage, we produce all the blueprints and documents necessary by the City and/or your apartment building. We file the documents with the appropriate entity – depending on the particular needs of your property. These may include the New York City Department of Buildings, the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission, your building’s Management company, and your building’s Board of Directors. Typically, this legal process will require a couple of weeks. Next, we meet as necessary to finalize the design details, elaborate a list of materials and fixtures, and address any other details of the renovation not yet finalized. This stage is completed once we have received approval from the various entities, have all the blueprints necessary for the renovation work, and have everyone’s full commitment to start the renovation process.

Stage 3. Execution and Tracking. Finally, after all the necessary documentation is in place and we have agreed to a budget and a project timeline, the renovation execution and tracking stage takes place. This stage is all about executing the renovation according to drawings, design specifications and budget. We get the work completed as designed and on time. All aspects of the renovation work including protection, demolition, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, millwork fabrication, purchase of materials and fixtures and other construction work is carefully coordinated. This is where you get the full benefit of our system of accountability, management skills, craftsmanship, attention to details and professionalism. Your finished renovation project is professionally completed on time and on budget.

If You’re Renovating Your New York City Home, You May Wonder…

Is This Plan Right for You?

We have helped other New York homeowners realize their dream home renovations. We also make sure you’re investing wisely and significantly increasing the value of your property. Our renovation plan works best for New York homeowners who:

  • Are time conscious, comfortable working with a timeline, and want to commit to a plan of work.
  • Are serious and motivated about renovating their home and don’t want to waste their time and money on an inferior quality renovation.
  • Insist on a professional renovation that complies with local construction codes and regulations.

If you’ve read this far, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary “Redefining Home Renovation” Strategy Session. In that session we explore your home design objectives. We look at the challenges you may be facing, the kind of results you want, and whether our renovation plan would work for you. Whatever the outcome, you’ll be clear about how we work and whether we can help you accomplish the home of your dream.

The session will take about an hour. Click here to set an appointment. I look forward to our conversation.