The Ultimate Guide To New York Passive House Design

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The Passive House approach is creating a revolution in home design among New Yorkers who are realizing they can step into a home that is constructed for exceptional energy efficiency, noise reduction, air quality, functionality, a long-term cost savings and of course, style.

Energy security is the new luxury.

Already a very popular method of home renovation in Europe, Passive House is well on its way to establishing a solid presence here in New York, from Manhattan to Brooklyn and beyond. Brace Enterprises is at the forefront of this movement and our design team can’t wait to show you how Passive House will transform the way you view, interact with and appreciate the place you call home forever. Start by exploring the resources below through our New York Passive House Design.

What is Passive House All About?

You’ve likely heard of Passive House, but chances are you’re not completely familiar with the principles it’s based upon. Get acquainted with a strong overview of its elements so you have a better sense of everything Passive House is – and isn’t.

New York Passive House Design

nycPassive House design in New York is no trend. It’s a style that’s here to stay. Explore why Passive House is poised to grow substantially among New Yorkers who are seeking to retrofit their homes or build from the ground up.

Building Green in New York City

There’s no question about it – when a city the size of New York is far more dedicated to building green through eco-friendly design, the potential impact on our environment could be phenomenal. Passive House is perfectly positioned to drive that momentum, all while it supplies the homeowner with a superior level of energy savings for the investment.

Air Quality

nyc air qualityBreathe it in. What’s that? Just the freshest, cleanest air you’ve ever experienced. It’s going to help you sleep better, focus better, keep allergies and asthma at bay and help you face tomorrow with a brand new outlook. That’s because Passive House design preserves an airtight envelope throughout, exchanging stale air for a healthy flow of air in and out of the home. It’s a quality of air so unparalleled, it may feel like you’re breathing the best of it for the very first time. Which, more than likely, you probably are.

Heating and Cooling

No matter what the season, you no longer have to worry about one area of the home being too cold and another being too hot. One of the terrific features of a Passive House is that it delivers a wonderful consistency in temperature throughout your home. So you’re never freezing or overheated. Check out how comfort in a Passive House happens every time by design.

New York City Passive House Costs

If there’s one challenging notion about Passive House design, it’s that there’s a higher upfront investment than with a traditional home. But is that really telling you the whole story? No. In fact, you may very well find yourself coming out ahead before long in terms of an energy savings. Join us for a deeper dive into the dollars and see how.

Working With Brace Enterprises on Passive House Design

Brace EnterprisesOnce we are contacted by a homeowner, or their architect to participate in the renovation/remodeling project, our team works to get a clear understanding of the project including desires, needs, and expectations. From there, our team visits the site along with the homeowner and architect or designer to identify opportunities and challenges for the project.

A scope is then produced as a result of this meetup. When possible, the “Charrette” methodology is used, where the project is discussed with the team, including owner and architect/designer, and it is discussed which specialties need to be brought in including structural, plumbing, electrician or mechanical, and so on. 

We do our best to avoid change orders and make accurate estimates a priority from the beginning. We use the unitary analysis technique to calculate each item’s unit price so that we have a transparent basis of calculation that takes into account material, labor, equipment, and performance for each item quoted. So if there is any variation or specs modification, the unitary item price can be adjusted without guessing.

Once the project begins, regular reporting meetings are scheduled, ideally every two weeks, to discuss progress and ensure we are aligned with the owner’s expectations. It’s our goal to complete jobs on time, come within budget and exceed your expectations!