Are You An Architect Frustrated By Working With Unreliable Contractors?

They Waste Your Time and Hurt Your Client Relationships

As an architect, you spend significant effort designing a renovation to specific client requirements. However, many times you end up working with contractors who cause project delays and client disruptions. They don’t understand the fine points of how to work with clients to protect your reputation. They don’t manage the project properly and you must step in to keep things on track. They either don’t have the technical expertise to understand your requirements or simply make their own decisions.

As a result, your profits aren’t what your projects should bring. All that wasted time heavily impacts your bottom line—and adds to your stress. Projects are needlessly complicated. You’ve had to do extra client hand-holding that shouldn’t have been necessary. Your clients get angry at you and take their frustrations out on you and you must take it. After all, the ultimate project responsibility is all yours. You have an uneasy feeling wondering what other “timebombs” could show up on the job.

Unfortunately, This Happens To Architects Way Too Often…

… It Can Be Deadly to Your Profitability and Professional Reputation

“Nightmare contractors” can wreck your business, your relationship with clients, and your life. If you have the bad fortune to hire this kind of contractor, the job is miserable. Here’s what you get:

  1. The renovation contractor is not following the specifications or timeline. Either they don’t understand the blueprints or don’t follow your specifications and start “cutting corners”. They make decisions—wrong decisions—without consulting you. The client goes ballistic at you about something you aren’t even aware of. You can’t trust the contractor and have to start policing the project and having work redone. This lack of competency reflects badly on you. “Timeline creep” is blamed on you.
  2. Badly handled unforeseen circumstances destroy your profit and client confidence. Every project has its surprises. If you’re working with a contractor who mishandles these events, you can suffer. The contractor can “handle it” without informing you and make a bad decision. They can communicate inappropriately to the clients and cause mistrust. If the contractor doesn’t finesse these situations, it can seriously cost you. You worry about what you don’t know about.
  3. The contractor mucks up building management requirements and/or relationships. When the contractor doesn’t understand the delicacy of working with building management requirements, you’ve got problems. It doesn’t take much of a misstep to get irate reactions from management and other owners. These sorts of mistakes needlessly complicate a project. If contractors don’t work correctly with building requirements, the renovation is more demanding and time consuming.

We Believe A Contractor Should Make Your Work As An Architect Easier

We Aim For Your Projects to Enhance Your Reputation

You’ve had the good fortune to find that one-in-a-million contractor. You’ve located a renovation specialist who understands how to work with architects and their clients.

The renovation contractor follows project specifications and timeline. You end up looking like a hero to your clients. The project is exceptionally smooth, and you can trust the contractor to do their end of the job. You get to spend your professional time designing and marketing rather than supervising. You trust the contractor and appreciate their client skills. They understand how to handle your clients to enhance and protect your reputation.

You know that unforeseen circumstances will be handled properly. You’re working with someone you trust to behave professionally. They understand how wrong decisions can destroy project profitability and undermine client confidence. They aren’t going to make foolish or ignorant offhanded comments or choices. They follow your drawings as specified, and complete the project as you have designed it, with the level of details required.

The contractor works well with building management requirements and/or relationships. Working with a contractor who understands prevents a lot of aggravations and simplifies your work. Having professional trust makes your life simpler. It’s a huge burden off you to know that your renovation contractor has both communication skills and a diplomatic approach.

We Believe In Making The Architect’s Job Easier

Our Expertise, Management Tools, and Professionalism Free You to Do Your Job

You are a New York City architect who wants easier project execution. You’re looking for some unique qualities in a renovation contractor. Here are some of the things you can expect from our company:

We get you through building approval faster and easier. We have all the necessary certifications to make building management requirements easier to navigate. We’re fully insured, and you can trust our considerable experience with building management requirements.

We have your bottom line in mind throughout the project. We’re professionals and understand the cost implications of not doing things right the first time. Our construction supervisors are proficient at reading blueprints and are drilled in the necessity of following design specifications and the New York City Building Code.

Our projects are managed with timelines and construction estimating tools. Throughout renovation, we closely monitor our project. To start with, we’re methodical in our cost estimates. Our timeline tools keep your projects running on schedule. You won’t get ugly cost surprises about material requirements or scheduling of trades. We handle that for you.

We understand the importance of good communication. We fine-tune our communication style to your needs and preferences. You’re going to have a more rewarding work relationship and waste less of your of time and resources. We have a finely-honed appreciation for the nuances of working with an architect.

Client relationships matter to us as much as they matter to you. We treat your clients as if they are our clients. Our business is based on referrals. More than 80% of our work comes from referrals and repeat business. Our work is not done until your clients are completely satisfied—and we aim for that to be the first time.

We execute your renovation plans and designs true to your intentions. You work hard at planning and designing renovations. We execute so that your clients get what you have sold them. Our work is always the highest quality craftsmanship and level of detail. We take pride in the quality of work we provide your clients.

For Architects Who Do Residential Or Commercial Renovations In New York City…

… We May Be the Right Renovation Company for Your Next Project

We have helped other New York architects realize well executed projects with happy clients as a result.

If you’ve read this far, I invite you to contact me to discuss your particular renovation needs and explore if we are the right renovation company for your clients.


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