More Than 80% Of Our Business Is Generated By Referrals From Pleased Customers

That Is Not An Accident!

For us it’s a given that you get a professionally executed, beautiful renovation job with all the amenities and features of your dream home. We think every renovation job should do that as a minimum. However, it’s our professional approach that brings us so much repeat business and work by referral. There are professionals and there are others who claim to be professionals. You’ll find that professionalism is our “middle name”.

There Are Some Things You Can Expect From Us On Every Job We Do

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

  • You love the way your home looks and functions, and you’re thrilled with your renovation. It fits your vision and exceeds the dream mental image you had before we started. Your home suits your lifestyle, and you’re so pleased that you made the changes.
  • You’re delighted to brag that your renovation stayed on budget. After all the horrible stories you heard about runaway costs, you are delighted about how closely costs were controlled. When dinner table conversation turns to nightmare renovations, you stand out because your story is so different.
  • Your renovation kept to the time estimates, and was completed when promised. It did not drag on month after month. It was almost shocking how tightly it was managed time wise. There was some messiness, but because it was on time, it was a lot less unpleasant for you and your family.
  • You felt confident that you knew exactly what was going on and got everything you wanted. You have noregrets later—unless you can count wishing you’d had the work done sooner. You felt that Brace made sure there were no oversights or lost opportunities. It is a dream to live in the home you always wanted.
  • You feel certain about the added value your renovation has added for your property. It’s a gratifying feeling to know that you spent your money wisely. On top of that, you’ve improved the quality of your life and now have all those amenities you hoped for for so long. What a difference it made to have professional advice from Brace about your choices.
  • Your renovation project sailed through without any problems from management rules and regulations. Asfar as you can tell, there were no calls or complaints. Your neighbors still greet you with politeness and pleasantness. Your project doesn’t seem to have disturbed anyone or created any problems in the building.

Our Working Philosophy Is Solidly Grounded In Specific Values And Beliefs

There Are Some things You Can Always Expect When You Work With Us

These are the things you can expect from us as a matter of course:

  • Part of our job is to ensure that our clients’ lives are disturbed as minimally as possible. You won’t hear excuses, blaming others, or stalling from us. We come in, get the work done and get out—leaving your home free from mess and unfinished items.
  • Before starting the work—we make sure you understand all the steps required to undertake the renovation. We answer any and all questions you may have about your renovation work. It’s important to us that you are comfortable with your decision and what your renovation work will entail.
  • We pride ourselves on being a “breed apart” by staying on schedule and on budget. The worst disservice renovation contractors do to their profession is being unprofessional about time and money. Some are willing to sacrifice their clients’ comfort and convenience in their pursuit of more income. You won’t get that from us. Our existing clients are our priority.
  • We give you a realistic time estimate and stick to it. You won’t hear a bunch of double speak and “stories” from us about slipped schedules. We have the expertise and the software to estimate realistically—and that happens on every job. We won’t go in making promises unless we absolutely know we can keep them. Nothing frustrates a client more than expecting a renovation to be finished by a particular date and finding out repeatedly that the project won’t be completed on time.
  • It is our view that a well-planned renovation provides both desirable amenities and increased property value. We help you make the choices that positively impact value. If there appears to be a conflict, we’ll give you the benefit of our expert advice—and ideas on how to resolve the conflict.
  • It’s our job to handle all the Department of Buildings’ filing issues and steer your project through coop or condominium restrictions. If you have previously avoided a renovation because of these technical details, count on our expertise. If you reside in an historical building or one with tight building management rules, let us be your advocate during the process.
  • Doing things right the first time avoids waste and saves time and resources – always. We understand that anything but quality and good craftsmanship is inefficient and costly in the long run. We are professionals with experience and recognition in the construction field. For us, quality and reliability are not optional.

This Is Our Approach To Renovation Projects

You Can Count On Us To Always Do Certain Things On A Project

We use estimating software that provides accurate labor and material costs analysis, and creates realistic time lines. You won’t get “eyeball” estimates or off the cuff guesses. We give you the facts and you can count on what we estimate. This means that we can provide our clients with meticulous results on a consistent basis. Your project will stay on schedule and on budget throughout the renovation process.

We believe “transparency” in communication reduces time and costs. It is our preferred approach when managing projects. You won’t get nasty surprises because we were afraid to let you know the truth about the project. You won’t be guessing or have to chase after us to get your questions and concerns addressed. We’re there for you and we’re available to you.

We make a point of respecting our clients’ preferred methods of communication. Different clients have different preferences for frequency and method of communications. Some clients prefer emails; others prefer phone calls. Some want to be updated on a daily basis, and others are OK with a weekly meeting plus contact for important decisions. We do it the way it works best for you.

We are professionals and not “fly by night”. We are a fully insured construction and renovations company. We always follow architectural blueprints and the NYC construction and building codes. You can count on our doing everything ethically and legally.

Where To Next?

Now that you understand the details of how we work, our values and our approach, click Residential Clients to find out how we could help you with your New York City renovation.