Stylish modern living in Manhattan skyline apartments

High above the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, you’re on top of the world. Make your statement. Live luxuriously. Make it your sanctuary.

If you could wave a magic wand and turn your home into your castle, what would you wish for?

What you’re going for is not about the latest trends or the latest appliances; it’s so much bigger than that.

Above all, it needs to work for your lifestyle.

In our experience, our most satisfied clients have been looking for these three things:

  • Aligning the look and feel of your home with your personality
  • Bringing your sense of luxury into your everyday life
  • Enhancing your sense of freedom, ease, and peace of mind


Make a Statement

Stylish. Elegant. Impressive.

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Style is a deeply personal thing. It’s your energy. Your vision. The impression you want to make.

Showcasing your sense of style means giving yourself permission to go for it.
Make it your masterpiece.

You own it. You live it. You’ve got it.

Experience Unabashed Luxury

Fresh. Tasteful. Exacting.

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Luxury is a more than just a feeling.

It’s an experience, one that delights you every single day.
You love sharing your appreciation for the finer things in life with others.

Refinement. Class. Distinction.

Make It Your Sanctuary

Comfortable. Relaxing. Your Haven.

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A warm buffer between you and the untamed world outside.
An inspiring space to leave your cares behind and unwind.
The perfect place to renew your mojo from the inside out.

Completely comfortable. Casual and carefree. Untouchable.

It takes a special team to understand your values and vision. Then transform that vision into the home of your dreams.

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“Working with Brace was absolutely a great experience for me.”

“Not only were they very professional, attentive to details and cordial when responding to my concerns, but they were key to getting the renovation done right and ultimately increasing the equity value of my property significantly.

And best of all, I ended up turning a “lemon” into the home of my dreams!”

Vivianna Guzman, homeowner