There’s Brace Enterprises. And then there’s everyone else.

What makes Brace Enterprises unlike anyone else? Maybe it’s that we pay meticulous attention to detail.

Or that we put honesty and integrity first. Those are two reasons why Brace clients say “I trust Brace to honor and be their word.” But there are many others as well…

We consider every detail.

We bring beautiful home designs to life with our decades of engineering and complex project management expertise, as well as experience with renovations in high-profile buildings throughout Manhattan.

Before we commit to a project, we carefully consider every detail and every material involved in the design. Then we plan the execution of even the finest details, some that you’ll see in plain view every day and some that hide behind drywall and paint, but still, contribute to the overall quality of craftsmanship. Ultimately, we bring those plans to life with a level of impeccability you’d expect from finely crafted furniture.

The result? You’ll enjoy the aesthetic and practical features of your home for years to come, confident that the craftsmanship behind it will stand the test of time.

Peace of mind. Without having to lose your mind.

We specialize in complex home renovations that invariably bring unexpected problems and challenges. With so much at stake, renovating your home can be a hair-raising roller coaster ride. At Brace Enterprises, our standard practice is to keep you informed of expected progress and anticipated milestones, every step of the way. But if and when we encounter the unexpected, rest assured that we’ll keep you fully informed and assist you in making wise choices that are best for you.

Because we take pride in our work, we do everything possible to live up to standards that surpass even those of the homeowners and architects we serve. That means you can rest assured that we’re committed to solving issues, problems, and challenges in cost-effective, practical ways.

An exceptional client experience. Without exception.

We’re not happy unless you’re happy. That means we have to live up to high standards of meticulous craftsmanship, uncompromising reliability, respectful interactions, thoughtful communications, and utmost professionalism.

Aside from being the right thing to do, we keep you informed of routine progress as well as significant milestones because we consider you to be the most important member of the team. The only way we know how to operate our business is using “best practices” that remove the stress, worry, confusion, and “rip-offs” that are rampant in our industry.

Once the dusted has settled, literally and figuratively speaking, we want to be certain that you’re delighted with your newly renovated home, the quality of the work, and your experience of working with us.

Because we’re continuously searching for ways to take our level of craftsmanship and service to higher levels, you can expect for us to ask for (and listen to) your feedback and input on what we’ve done right and what we can do better.

A lot of things can go wrong. We make all of them right.

Based our vast experience with complex, demanding renovations, we know that many things can and will go astray with a renovation project. That’s why we strive to anticipate potential problems before they become real ones. That’s why we’ve come to expect the unexpected.

From start to finish, we value and enjoy working collaboratively with you and your architect. We’re confident in our ability to solve the most vexing of predicaments because one of our core operating principles is collaboration: Ultimately, we’re problem-solvers, first and foremost, working to come up with solutions that work for you.


“None come close to Brace in overall quality and reliability.”

“I am extremely happy with both the result and the time required for Brace’s renovation of my 90-year-old apartment.  The quality of the work done by Brace’s people was consistently excellent. In the few cases where mistakes were made, as is unavoidable in a large complex project, it took exactly zero effort on my part to get things corrected.  I’ve worked with multiple contractors over the years. None come close to Brace in overall quality and reliability.” Don Weingarten, homeowner


Marcia is an interior designer who is happy she chose Brace for renovating her own home.

“Working with Brace Enterprises has been a real pleasure. Three important reasons stand [out] in my mind. They are very precise in their estimating and pricing, they set high standards for themselves and expect the same of those who work with them, and they run their projects very efficiently. As an interior designer it makes my work easier when a project is well managed, clients are happy and well informed and know that promises made will be kept. I am happy that we chose Brace from among the three contractors we were considering for our three bedroom renovation in the Upper East Side. Brace has done an excellent job, in a timely manner, and was very upfront with projected costs. I look forward to working with them again.

Marcia Butler, interior designer