Everyone else talks a good game. We play one…

Let’s be straight about it: The barriers to entry in the construction industry are rather low. Unfortunately, this results in our industry being rife with contractors who are unreliable, dishonest, disrespectful, and unprofessional. At Brace Enterprises, we value fairness and excellence and strive to infuse those values in all that we do.

We play the game to win: We know when we’ve played the game right to bring your vision to reality, it’s a grand slam: our client wins, you win, and we win. And it builds both of our brands for future projects.

We make you look good. So we look good too.

No doubt, you take great pride in your designs as you’ve worked hard to address the expectations of your clients. We recognize that it’s a nail-biting experience for you to see your designs take shape from drawings into reality.

Successful execution of your designs isn’t just about “materials and labor.” We’ve achieved a track record of efficient renovation completion by being meticulous about fulfilling insurance requirements, obtaining necessary certifications, and maintaining compliance with building regulations.

We’re also highly responsive to evolving on-site concerns of neighbors and building staff; that’s how we keep them happy and on our side.

Based on our vast experience with complex, high-profile renovations in Manhattan, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected. And rather than expecting miracles, we take a proactive, collaborative approach to the elegant, successful execution of your designs. Ultimately, we know that when you are happy and satisfied with our work on the project, we all look good to the client.

Service-centered. Collaboration-focused. Values-driven.

You are our client as much as is the homeowner. Just as we’ve stated elsewhere in our message for homeowners, we’re not happy unless you’re happy. We emphasize collaboration over making ourselves look like heroes at your expense. Even under the pressure of unexpected delays and looming deadlines, you can count on us to bring our core values of fairness, excellence, and integrity to all professional interactions.

Your ideal designs, made practical and remarkable.

We recognize the challenges of translating designs on paper into the everyday, real world. We also acknowledge the heartache that arises when one of your designs becomes difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to implement. Like the time we needed custom covers to conceal gas risers in the middle of a living room. The design was so complex that the job called for machinery designed to craft airplane propellers!

Or the time we scoured the country to find the one and only craftsman who could apply the finishing touches of polished nickel to a large steel and glass shelving unit.

Rest assured, we excel at creative and innovative problem-solving. We call it “practical idealism.” Ultimately, you can count on us to deliver the aesthetic and functional features of your design in ways that are practical and reasonable to execute.

We don’t make excuses. We make it right.

It’s a risky business we’re in: From meeting client expectations to design omissions to solving unexpected on-site physical and logistical issues, so many things can and do go wrong.

We’ve seen far too many competitors get into serious trouble by attempting to succeed by “trial and error.” This approach relies on luck; the problem is, there are two kinds of luck. But if bad luck shows up for work, the entire project timeline gets immediately thrown into the demolition dumpster.

Where others make excuses for delays, errors, and omissions, we shine by delivering when it counts: on-time, on-budget, and to your specifications. We strive for achieving excellence, rather than chasing the impossible ideal of perfect.

Because we embrace the best practices of construction companies across the country, when the unexpected happens, you can count on us to make it right.

We’re in the business of delivering happiness.

It may sound oxymoronic, yet we take happiness “seriously.” At Brace Enterprises, we have the most fun when we’re doing meaningful work, rising to challenges, and building fair, honest relationships with people like you.

You’re happy when your design turns into reality and you turn a well-deserved profit from the project. Our client is happy when their home is transformed into living spaces they love, spaces that reflect their style and bring them joy.

And that makes us happy.

On-time. On-budget. Done right.

In our experience, the only way to complete a complex project within the planned timeframe, budget, and requirements is for all parties involved to work as a team.

Therefore, we take collaboration seriously, not just as a word that looks and sounds good as a marketing slogan.

Because of this, we’re highly selective about the projects we work on and with whom we work. We’ll only commit to projects when we’re confident that all parties involved are similarly committed to getting the job done right.

“Clemens takes a genuine personal interest to ensure everyone is successful all around.”

“One thing that stands out in my partnership with Clemens is his professionalism and the way he proactively anticipates any potential issue that may arise during a project. He is always 2-3 steps ahead of everyone, and he not only understands the needs of the architect but also the expectations of the client. He takes a genuine personal interest to ensure everyone is successful all around. With his good communication skills, he makes our job on the site a lot easier. I have referred Clemens to others, and I look forward to our next project together.”

Guillermo Rodriguez, architect

I was impressed with Clemen’s commitment to thoroughly researching anything that came up so that we’d find the most appropriate solution to any issue.

I was looking for a contractor to help me with several very demanding clients who required top quality and speed for projects around Central Park. Then I met Clemens. He has great references and he is very professional. During the project, I was impressed with Clemen’s commitment to thoroughly researching anything that came up so that we’d find the most appropriate solution to any issue. Everything went well from mechanical to structural and I look forward to working with him and Brace Enterprises again!

Julio Salcedo, architect


“I have worked with Brace Enterprises on two residential renovations on Central Park West. They have been very professional and have excellent craftsmanship.

“Something particularly essential for me as an architect is that Brace’s people understand the importance of following building codes and architectural drawings, and they know how to manage projects well. They follow building guidelines, which avoids unnecessary issues and possible delays with clients and building management. They are attentive to cleanliness, noise level requirements and being respectful to neighbors and building personnel. In the renovations we worked on together, we scheduled weekly meetings which were extremely helpful in providing a level of transparency that went a long way towards identifying and resolving potential problems early on. Also, meeting regularly always prevents delays associated with procurements of materials and keeps projects moving at the right pace. I am very happy to recommend Brace Enterprises to my clients.

Raffael Juth, Architect

“Marcia is an interior designer who is happy she chose Brace for renovating her own home…”

“Working with Brace Enterprises has been a real pleasure. Three important reasons stand [out] in my mind. They are very precise in their estimating and pricing, they set high standards for themselves and expect the same of those who work with them, and they run their projects very efficiently. As an interior designer it makes my work easier when a project is well managed, clients are happy and well informed and know that promises made will be kept. I am happy that we chose Brace from among the three contractors we were considering for our three bedroom renovation in the Upper East Side. Brace has done an excellent job, in a timely manner, and was very upfront with projected costs. I look forward to working with them again.”

Marcia Butler, interior designer