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Discerning New York City Homeowners Who Are Excited to Renovate:

Are You Currently Searching for the Right Contractor to Get Your Project Done On-Time, On-Budget, and to Your High Standards?

If So, Chances Are You Have A Lot Of Questions And Concerns

There are so many things to think about when you start a renovation project. It’s complicated, and without the right information, you can get into trouble pretty quickly! Here are some of the issues you must consider:

  • You need to know your options given the complexity of renovating in New York City. You may know exactly what result you want, but don’t know how to negotiate all the red tape. There’s so much to think about and all kinds of restrictions. You might have to deal with the NYC Department of Buildings, Landmarks Preservation Commission and/or building’s Alterations Agreements and other building requirements. That can feel quite daunting.
  • You don’t want to get involved in a renovation that drags on forever. Your times very valuable and you dread getting bogged down in a renovation. You want to have an efficient process that doesn’t exceed the planned time commitment.
  • You want to spend a minimum of your own time on the project. You have limited amounts of time to dedicate to a renovation. You want to be sure before you start that you aren’t committing to a project that requires hours of attention you simply don’t have. You expect your renovation project manager to handle most of the details and problems.
  • You know the amenities you desire, but don’t have an open-ended budget for this renovation. Before you even get started, you need to know absolutely that you can get what you want and not exceed your set budget. You don’t want any financial surprises or to have to down-scale the design.
  • You must avoid having a poorly executed nightmare renovation. You’ve heard all sorts of horrible stories from other people about their projects. You absolutely do not want to end up regretting ever starting the project. You want to feel confident that your renovation will happen smoothly without ugly surprises.
  • You insist that the work be done professionally, follow all building codes, and conform to your specific building’s requirements. After all, you’re not an expert in construction and renovations. You want to be sure that you know everything you need to know before you agree to start the project.
  • You want to be confident that your renovation is a good investment and helps maximize the equity value of your property. You’re smart about money, and a successful home renovation must enhance property value. It’s important that you get good advice so you feel comfortable about your financial investment.

At Brace Enterprises, We Are Committed To Giving You The Home Of Your Dreams

Here’s a quick summary of our promises in working with you. We are committed to the following:

  • We answer all your most pressing questions,before we start the project.
  • We listen to what you want, and then draw up plans and work with designers so you get exactly what you specify.
  • You can count on our being responsive, keeping our word, and completing things by the agreed-upon time.
  • We take care of all the thousand and one details in any remodeling project with professionalism in the way that works for YOU and your lifestyle!

These Promises May Seem Unbelievable Given The Renovation Horror Stories You’ve Heard!

Here’s The Words That One Of Our Clients Used To Describe Her Experience of A Brace Enterprises Project

A quote from one of our satisfied customers Vivianna Guzman, Upper East Side apartment owner says it better than we ever could:

Working with Brace Enterprise was absolutely a great experience for me. Not only were they very professional, attentive to details and cordial when responding to my concerns, but they were key to getting the renovation done right and ultimately increasing the value of my property.

This was a very complex project, but even with all the complications  apartment in very bad shape, interior and exterior work involved, and a building where the approval process was long and intricate Brace did a great job at every step along the way. Their knowledge, suggestions, and industry resources made it possible for us to navigate through the intricacies of the process and get the work done. The best of it all is that I ended up increasing the equity value of my property significantly. And I turned a lemon into the home of my dreams!

Brace Enterprises is the remodeling and renovations company of choice for home owners in the New York Metropolitan area. If you don’t have time and money to waste on a renovation gone bad and who does call us. Let us professionally execute your renovation, on time and on budget, and provide the design amenities you long for. We make sure that your money spent is a great investment and maximizes the equity value of your property.

Where To Next

Now that you have the overview of our business, learn more about the kinds of?projects and clients we work with to see if Brace Enterprises in the remodeling company for you.